Monday, 26 November 2007

A Foray into a New Academic Field

Posted to both the AMS and SMT Listservs:

"Dear List,

I am conducting a study of scholars and graduate students with disabilities, and am focusing particularly on scholars with auto-immune diseases and what are commonly called "invisible illnesses" (this includes mental health illnesses). I hope to interview scholars and graduate students and discuss how they have been successful in academia and how they have coped with disabilities that are not always evident to their colleagues and students. This information will be analyzed and combined with a document I am creating to both assist university educators and administrators in their dealings with scholars and students with chronic invisible illnesses, and educate students and scholars with invisible illnesses on the procedures they should take to ensure that they receive the support and representation that they should receive from their academic institutions under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Hopefully, the findings will be presented to a future meeting of the Society for Music Theory Special Interest Group on Music and Disability.

If you are a scholar with such a disability or know someone who is that would be willing to participate in my study, please reply to , and I will send you an interview sheet. Your responses will be kept confidential, unless otherwise stated."


Princess of the Universe said...

That sounds like an interesting study- I hope it goes well.

superflus said...

Did anything wind up coming of your survey...? I replied, but heard nothing.

Sammee said...

Hi there! Yes, something has come of it. I haven't responded because I waiting to hear if the proposal was accepted for AMS Nashville. It WAS, so you will be hearing from me very soon. Thanks for your survey and interest.

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