Spiritual Journey and Coming Out as a Liberal Christian

Today I made my first initial steps towards becoming confirmed in the Anglican (Episcopalian) community. I met with the rector of the local Episcopal church, who talked with me about my background and gave me three chapters from two different books to read. One is called The Good Book by Peter J. Gomes (chaplain of Harvard University and minister of The Memorial Church at Harvard). Gomes is also a gay, Republican American Baptist minister. I just started reading the first chapter of the book, but I can comment when I've completed more if anyone is interested.

It's been very interesting to navigate the waters of my newfound liberal Christianness with my friends and family. Last weekend (the 7th) was my 25th birthday, and it was the first time I mixed my liberal New Yorker/academic friends with my conservative sister and one conservative friend from Pennsylvania. I honestly feel like I am coming out of the closet. I suppose for my family and conservative friends, it's better for them that I come out of the closet as a Episcopalian Quaker than a gay person, but you never know. There was an arguement about whether or not the gay pride weekend is good for all gay persons, since some prefer not to be associated with 'flaming' homosexuals. I am really getting weary of the homosexuality issue and beginning to think people should just chill out and stop making it political. Sexuality should not be political. I am a straight, heterosexual female that identifies with her born gender, and I wouldn't want that to affect how people react towards me. Gee whiz.

This past Saturday I was blessed to spend my day with very interesting, wonderful, loving and open-minded people of various religious and sexual persuasions. Do I realize that living in New York is special and that most people aren't as accepting and wonderful? Yes. Does that scare me? Yes. Very much so.


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