Thoughts on my Devotions

Okay, so I meditated for a bit on what I read today and then I thought about it while I was doing work and going about my day. I thought it appropriate to pursue Quaker readings, as I am currently dog-sitting and house-sitting and cat-sitting for a Quaker family. I've always been curious about the Religious Society of Friends, especially more recently, since I've come face-to-face with a few again (I knew some in PA, of course). After the VT massacre last week, I read more about peace churches.

I am interested in how George Fox (the founder of Quakerism) links truth and oneness to being in peace, love and the power of God. Everything must be done in love in order to understand the "mystery of the gospel," and one must do things in love and not in strife to edify the church. This is so different from how I was raised, and these words were penned in the seventeenth century! As with the second comments about the equality of women from Margaret Fox, I am reminded that a teleological view of history and culture is often inaccurate. Although my family subjugates women against men and views violence as necessary, in seventeenth-century England and Pennsylvania, our ancestors upheld the opposite beliefs.

The VOtD from the Bible Gateway web site was also very edifying. I love the Gospel of John; it's such a mysterious and nerdy book of the Bible. In the verse just before, Jesus talks about his sheep, who know his voice (which I understand as the theology of the 'efficacious call'), and follow him, and to those who listen and respond he will give unconditional love and acceptance. See how tolerant and loving our Christ is?? Isn't it a stark contrast to how so many understand Christ and how they try to project Christ?

I am doing a topical study of love in the Bible, and specifically, the love of Christ and how it embodies God's love and how it is bestowed upon humanity. So, in this verse, I see very unconditional and accepting characteristics of Christ's love.

Christ's love is ...
* Unconditional
* All-encompassing
* Non-judgemental (Christ will love and accept forever anyone who responds)

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